Tourism on wheels

Cycling and mountain biking have grown significantly. This is not only because many people have discovered how, at the stroke of a pedal, you can enjoy and get to know the land, but also because many regions have been working for some time to create a network of signposted paths and routes for cycling tourism enthusiasts.

We focus on the Osona region, where Catalonia Bike Tours suggests a short tour, which is accessible to anyone and can also be done on an electric bike: the Vic-Manlleu route. The 22-kilometre route allows you to enjoy sports, culture and cuisine, as it includes a visit to the Ter Museum and a tasting of Vic sausages.

The suggested route takes between 2 and 3 hours on the bike, apart from the cultural and culinary attractions you should add. When you get to Manlleu, a visit to the Ter Museum, is a must, a centre that offers a wide range of activities, many of them being educational for children and groups. The museum is an institution in the area and works on recovering the memory of its industrial past. The industrial revolution of the mid-19th century made Manlleu the cradle of some highly important textile industries.

On the way back to Vic, you can enjoy the region's excellent sausages as a reward for the day. The Vic plain enjoys a suitable climate for drying llonganissa (pork sausage), a PGI product. In Osona, with its livestock farming tradition, the production of llonganissa sausage dates back to medieval times. If you are in the area, do not miss the chance to go to Vic and buy llonganissa, somalla, fuet, chorizo, catalana or bull (all of them local sausages) at one of the city's iconic shops, all of which are located around Plaça Major (main square).

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